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David (EN)

David (EN)
IT System Engineer
Database Language


IT languages

C, C#, C++, Java, Python, R, CSS, HTML, JS, PHP, SQL, TS, Node.js


Microsoft Office, SAP


Oracle, MySQL, PHPmyAdmin

Industry knowledge
Risk Analysis
Social competence
Team leadership
Other Skills
App Programierung

Android, Apache Cordova, Typescript, Javascript, Node.js



IT Systems Engineer / Database Design
Electricity Company2018

Oracle, APEX, database design, data modeling, billing, accounting, 2nd / 3rd level support, customer management, workflow & interfaces to systems, SQL, PL / SQL, JQuery, JScript, AOP, project management, optimization tools, program development, control mechanisms

Metis Invest GmbH2018-2018

Programs (Python and R) for asset and risk management, reduction of Bloomberg queries

Civil servant
Sozialmedizinischer Pflegedienst (SMP) / Neue Lebensräume GmbH2011-2012
  • ⇨ Journal: customer service, switchboard, incoming mail, outgoing mail, enveloping, labeling, dispatch, spiraling and laminating documents
  • ⇨ EDV: creating tables and reports, contracts, projections, creating flyers, configuration of electronic devices (cell phones, printers), office and internet applications
  • ⇨ Invoicing: care allowance calculation, billing of the auxiliary services, creation of the bill, billing preparation, work schedule of employees, client billing, medical billing with GKK (Health insurance), filing of client data, preparation of client documents
  • ⇨ Accounting: cover letter, community billing, reminders, cash bills, bill filing
  • ⇨ Other: Training of employees and civil servants, purchasing, courier service, contact person for suppliers, auxiliary services, ordering
Master of Science (MSc) Business administration
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz2016-2019

Training focus

  • ⇨ Master’s thesis: Var & Expected Shortfall ⇨ Special business administration in the field of
  • (1) Financial intermediation at the Institute for Banks and Finance: Risk Management, Bank Management
  • (2) Finance at the Financial Management Institute: investment analysis, financial market analysis
  • (3) Operations Research at the Statistics and Operations Research Institute: Operational optimization, production scheduling, decision support modeling
  • (4) Production and logistics at the Institute for Production and Logistics: quantitative logistics, transport and warehouse logistics, production planning, computer-aided modeling
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Business administration
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz2016-2019

Activities and Societies:

  • Optional subject: Roman Law II (Law),
  • Optional subject: legal ethics and legal policy (law),
  • Optional subject: Latin for lawyers (law),
  • Supplementary subject: methods and techniques of individual data processing,
  • Supplementary subject: software-supported statistical analysis with SPSS

Training focus:

  • ⇨ Bachelor thesis: application contexts, added values and problem areas when recording one’s own behavior with wearables (Institute for Information Systems)
  • ⇨Special business administration in the field of management at the Institute for Information Systems: Information Science, Information Systems, Selected Topics of Information Science and Information Systems 1, Selected Topics of Information Science and Business informatics 2
Matura, electronic data processing and organization with in-depth English
HTBLA Kaindorf2007-2011

Activities and Societies:

  • Optional subject: Deepened English,
  • Optional subject: FCE preparation,
  • Optional subject: Spanish,
  • Optional subject: Mobile computing,
  • Optional subject: Non-binding exercise, exercise and sport,
  • Optional subject: Microsoft technologies,
  • Optional subject: Oracle SQL,
  • Optional subject: Oracle PL / SQL, Optional subject: SAP,
  • as well as various Projects within teaching and optional subjects

Training focus:

  • ⇨Electronic data processing and organization with in-depth English
  • ⇨ Programming and databases
  • ⇨ Electrical and network technical laboratory training
  • ⇨ Business administration training according to HAK
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